a giant computer monitor and keyboard are situated on the Los angeles skyline with the san gabriel mountains behind. The computer shows a loading screen and a group of people use a rope and climbing gear to help someone scale the computer.
looping gif illustration of a puffy white plasticine claymation cloud in red rain boots galoshes against a blue sky on a green grassy hill with small houses. animated in stop-motion to a lo-fi beat
A collage of illustrations including an unspooling film reel, the monumento de la indepencia, a road sign for Cudahy California, pasadena city community college, the hollywood sign, and film critic Carlos Aguilar with a sunset
mental illness man walking towards police car headlights red and blue sirens black lives matter purple editorial illustration shootings LAPD spotlight digital grass nighttime night dark stars sky
A collage of quilt squares tiles made out of carboard found materials mixed media orange with stars for a christmas hannukah holiday gift guide with stars and bows and packages and spices cinnamon cardamom coffee beans citrus
a spinning gif of a gift package christmas present with a bow and ribbon and stars in the background made from carboard purple blue white brown editorial moving animated illustration
an orange plasticine clay tiger menaces threatens scares away a herd of sheep on a purple background representing how anxiety can contribute to insomnia and sleep difficulties
migrant farm workers laborers tilling harvesting fertilizing a field of sugar beets in the san Joaquin valley with chaparral mountains and a bright blue sunny sky and clouds and newspaper clippings and an airplane boeing jet over the head of a young boy
under a green starry night sky a lunar eclipse creates the Taurus symbol. Underneath, a couple break up and let go of each others hands in a field of tall grass and fireflies
los angeles times festival of books newspaper cover with tents and a stack of library books with a pink student reading on top. sunny cloudy blue sky and university campus in background. banners flags pennants on each tent
reclining womans face with flared nostrils that have two roads passing through like a bridge. the roads are congested with colorful honking cars. the background has green rolling hills and a bright sun
A school nurse masked administers a covid test via nasal swab to an elementary school aged child with a mask. in the foreground are vials of covid testing tubes with hundred dollar bills rolled up inside of them. green yellow orange digital illustration
clay character play video games on a couch while others watch the tv screen kirby and the forgotten land monster prom pikuniku a way out we were here with you valentines day purple magenta pink date night staycation mixed media
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